hot news - 11.07.2020

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hot news - 11.07.2020

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The Dutch Cabinet has announced that it will file a lawsuit against Russia in the European court of human rights in connection with the crash of Boeing MH17 in South-Eastern Ukraine in 2014 The government of the country intends to support the relatives of the victims of the plane crash, who also previously appealed to the ECHR: the so-called state complaint should lead to the fact that the information available to the Netherlands in this case will also become available to the claims of the next of kin

The corresponding message on Friday, July 10, appeared on the official website of the government of the country, Interfax reports

"Ensuring justice for the 298 victims of the MH17 crash and their relatives is a priority for the government," said Dutch foreign Minister Steph Blok

The Netherlands also said that it intends to notify the UN Security Council of its move

The report of the Dutch Cabinet also notes that the authorities of the Kingdom attach great importance to the continuation of negotiations with Russia, in which a solution can be found to compensate for the "huge suffering and damage" caused by the destruction of the liner

The plane of the airline "Malaysian airlines", making a regular flight on the route Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur was shot down by a Buk missile on July 17, 2014 in the sky over the Donbass All 298 people on Board were killed According to an international group of investigators, the missile system was delivered to separatist-controlled areas of Ukraine from Russia

The Netherlands holds Russia responsible for the crash Russia has consistently denied that the Russian military was involved in the crash

According to Russian foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, the current decision of the Netherlands will lead to further politicization and make it difficult to find the truth According to her, this decision is perceived in Moscow as another blow to Russian-Dutch relations

"From the very beginning, the Hague took the path of unilaterally blaming Russia for the crash of flight MH17 As the events of the past six years since this tragedy have shown, the Netherlands did not act in accordance with UN security Council resolution 2166, but exclusively within the framework of anti-Russian logic, which was subordinated to both technical and criminal investigations All evidence, evidence and expert assessments that went against the pre-selected scenario of what happened in July 2014 in the sky over Eastern Ukraine were dismissed, " the foreign Ministry representative said in a comment

The Russian justice Ministry said on Friday that Moscow rejects any accusations of involvement in the crash The Agency promised that the Russian side will consistently defend its position in the courts

In 2019, charges of involvement in the crash of the airliner over the Donbass in 2014 were brought against former defense Minister of the self - proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic Igor Girkin (Strelkov), former head of military intelligence of the DPR Sergey Dubinsky, his Deputy Oleg Pulatov and another subordinate of Dubinsky-Leonid Kharchenko Girkin, Dubinsky and Pulatov have Russian citizenship, where they are currently, Kharchenko is a citizen of Ukraine and is located in the East of this country, said then the head of the national Prosecutor's office of the Kingdom of Fred Westerbeke

Hearings on the case of the plane crash over the Donbass began in the district court of the Hague on March 9

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